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Nouvelle-Terre was once considered the brightest frontier of the Civosian Empire. It was also the last. Since its founding it has slowly expanded along the coastline and rivers of Avalon. For fifty years farmers, laborers, and skilled tradesmen have poured into the port of Sandcastle to begin a new journey and establish a new life in the green and verdant hillside. Alas tragedy has befallen all of Civos and all its subjects. King Maximilian and his bloodline is dead. The great pact with the mighty Leviathan has been broken. No vessel may now enter or leave the waters of Avalon. Nouvelle-Terre has been completely cut off from the old empire. It’s liege, Duke Clovis the Great Boar, and Knight of Peers, is on his deathbed. His sons bicker over ink lines on maps. Sandcastle shifts nervously on its foundations as the wrecked skeletons of once mighty ships limp to shore with no crew. And some of the rivermen have returned from deep inland with strange tales of even stranger creatures. The castoff countrymen of Civos are not alone…

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