Soviss Evenwood

A little power can blow you to pieces!


Orphaned Half-elf that found his way early to Nouvelle-Terre, he still has much to learn about his magics, and can be found regularly reading books in search of every last scrap of knowledge.


Soviss, a wisp of a man, stood tall at just above six feet when he heard the clatter of braziers hitting the floor in the antechamber of his adopted fathers research hall. He ran as quickly as he could from the high shelves that housed the vast number of books his father had collected through his long, at least by human standards, life. Arriving at the large doors that separated the antechamber from the library Soviss could feel the magical pulse of the shield that guarded him and the knowledge within from those who would seek to misuse it. The pulse weakened, and Soviss now in a panic hurled open the doors.

On the floor of the antechamber laid his father in a pool of crimson, a dagger still in his chest. Soviss saw from the corner of his eyes the swish of a cloak rounding the corner out of the halls where he had dwelled for so long. Stedd Evenwood, Soviss’ father was a good man, and Soviss was beside himself with anger, but still he stood and silently stared at his father so peaceful as he slipped slowly into the everafter. Finally with every ounce of strength he could muster Soviss managed to kneel by his father’s side and grab his hand. In it was a small bound piece of paper.

Stedd whispered, “Soviss answer the question within and much will become clear.”

Soviss nodded and a few small tears fell to the floor as his father passed on.

Soviss stayed in the hall for a short time, burying his father, sealing the library and his heart. Much had changed he needed to leave this place and discover why his father had been so brutally murdered, and more so why he himself was spared.

Sandcastle was the nearest city, and Soviss would journey there, as a scholar and researcher he reasoned there would be a clue there as to not only his fathers death but also the way to open the enchantment sealing the small bound piece of paper.

The journey took Soviss nearly a week to complete along the way he found himself at the beach near a wrecked ship, he was woefully low on provisions and hoped there might be some there to scavenge. As he approached the ship he tripped over the body of what appeared to be a sailor. The man was alive and Soviss though in a hurry decided to help. He mended the mans wounds and gave him some water, and he started to awaken. Soviss thought he heard him mutter the name Edward, but could not be sure, so he went about fishing up some dinner for the night, a well placed firebolt would bring up at least four steaming hot fish.

The man finally awoke and startled by the appearance of another tried to attack Soviss.


“What the..”, Soviss’ face planted squarely in the sand, he quickly shot a ray of frost over the already cooled sands as he came up spitting sand from his mouth, " maybe that will cool you off."

The man slipped and stared at the half-elf, suddenly realizing he was not dead.

“Are you ready to talk?” asked Soviss “What happened to your ship? Where is the rest of the crew?”

Soviss continued to rattle off questions and the sailor just looked at him held up his hand and laughed. The night went on, Soviss discovered the mans name was Aleander, and that a devilish little gnome had wronged him, he was back in Sandcastle supposedly at a tavern called the Boar’s Whore. Aleander asked Soviss to join him at least until they arrived at the city. Soviss of course agreed as he was already headed that way. They slept for the night and continued onwards to the city in the morning.

Soviss had never realized a place could smell so terrible like rotting corpses and excrement in the streets, but such was Sandcastle. The city was still glorious and so busy especially around the tavern. Soviss had decided he would like to watch the city while Aleander took care of his business with Edward. and amused himself and the nearby children by playing with a spell he called the dancing lights. They would watch for a time and then giggling run off. Soviss smirked with mild amusement at the thought of the children telling their parents what they’d seen.

Suddenly Soviss heard a loud crack as the tavern door hurtled into the outer wall missing him by mere inches, he saw Aleander and what appeared to be the aforementioned Gnome, Edward, as they came out into the sunlight but he had been startled and lost control of his lights they grew to many times their size and just as it had miraculously appeared in his vision before the Boars Whore was now gone, a pile of cinders and ash covered stones.

Aleander and the Gnome looked at him, and cursed under their breath.

Soviss Evenwood

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