Edward Dimas Nelson

Gnomish Immigrant to the Land of Nouvelle-Terre


The lean kind of rogue. Ed relies on his speed of hand, disarming humor, and trickery to dupe the powerful and support his comfortable lifestyle. When backed into a corner he will fight, but prefers the shadows to look for that surgical strike.


Why leave the safety of the forest in Civos? The question had rolled around in Ed’s head a million times. He can picture his mother saying it to him now. Oh how he missed her famous purple berry tarts. But that was a long time ago. And now he is stuck around the tall kind. And more importantly he has the attention of the very miffed Aleandar.

It probably wasn’t a good idea to trick Aleandar. The plan didn’t go as “planned”. Ed couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the irony of it. Of all the things to screw up, mixing up a form 49411A with a form 49911A was not the one he had anticipated. Aleandar was obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. All he had to do was… Ed’s focus shifted as he felt the cold steel of the sailor’s blade pressed against his neck. Fortunately, the tall one was patient.

“Aleand…” Ed began.

“Save your tongue! Explain and die, or just die. Your choice.” Aleandar’s fury seethed through every syllable.

Ed could only think to do one thing. And with a small gesture of his hand there it was. There stood the the four foot illusion of a grand tree. Flames danced along the branches. Squirrels, rabbits, and birds poured out, escaping with their lives. The sword in Aleandar’s hand relaxed away from Ed’s neck.

“It was the Duke’s men” Ed stated. “Before I came here, his men burned down the home I grew up in. I was the only to survive.” A small tear formed at the corner of Ed’s eye. Aleandar had no idea it was all a lie. Ed didn’t care as long as he put that sword away. “The Duke was supposed to pay. That is all I wanted.”

Aleandar’s anger subsided. He knew what the pain of family-loss was like.

Ed, cuing on the pirates body language, “I didn’t mean for you to be put in harms way. Surely we can work out some arrangement.”

“Yarrr. Maybe we can.”

Edward Dimas Nelson

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