A mighty fine sailor


A rugged specimen of a man. Always having his weapons and armor on him, Aleandar is always prepared for a fight. If you are to see him on the streets, the red bandanna he wears can be spotted to distinguish him for the other sea rats.


Having his first love murdered before his eyes, Aleandar set off from his home land in search of the bandits that took his wife. After pursuing the fiends and bringing them to justice, there seemed to be nothing to satisfy Aleandar’s empty life. He eventually drifted onto a ship as a crewmen and soon discovered this was the life always meant for him, where the Sea became his new mistress. He led the adventurous life, full of drinking, treasure, women and whatever seemed to catch his fancy at the time. Even though he uses all these distractions to get through each day, he will never forget the first woman he gave his heart too.


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